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Your trusted live streaming partner

Highly specialised in the corporate segment we know how to meet the requirements from top management, investor relations, IT- and the communications department.

Our experience with video streaming dates back to the late 1990's and with a track record of 4500+ successful productions Axion is at the forefront when it comes to delivering business critical live streaming solutions.

While having a deep techical insight we strive to maintain focus on your content and how the messaging can be conveyed in the most optimal manner.

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Experience counts when producing business critical live streaming productions

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Three main offerings


Need help on how to bridge communication needs and technology effectively? We're here to help whether you seek inspiration on video communications, want to know how to get started with streaming live and on demand - or you simply need a mediator in order to reach common ground with your IT department.


We do everything from VJ’ing assignments, webinars and other multi cam productions to orchestrating larger hybrid events. "On location" is often corporate headquarters but might as well be somewhere else or at our own premises.


A well planned execution is the key to success and a positive impact. It’s as simple as that! Most of us have learned it the hard way and that is why we always challenge ourselves and you on the execution part. While you maintain focus on what is on your agenda and within your area of expertise, we make sure to avoid the technical and practical pitfalls.


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