Need help on how to bridge communication needs and technology effectively? Whether you seek inspiration on video communications, want to know how to get started with streaming live and on demand or you simply need a mediator in order to reach common ground with your IT department - we are there to help.


With our own studio facility and loads of gear at hand, we do everything from webinar, VJ’ing assignments, "one-man-band" and multi cam productions to orchestrating video solutions for large events. We use professional grade equipment and prefer an old workhorse over the new gadget of-the-day.


A well planned execution is the key to success and a positive impact. It’s a simple as that! Most of us have learned it the hard way and that is why we always challenge ourselves and you on the execution part. You should focus on what is on your agenda and within your area of competencies. We know how to avoid the pitfalls so let us assist you.


We possess different skill sets and compliment each other well. We are do’ers who practice on a daily basis and thrive when we get to be out in the field among our clients and end users. This means that most of the time we can accomodate your need or question almost instantly.

Gorm Ravn-Jonsen


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AV Technician

Abu Hena

Video Producer

Daniel Holt

AV Technician

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